Brain conditions may happen all of a sudden, from a blow to the head, or they may develop slowly and quietly, without warning. If you start feeling the effects of cognitive impairment, seek medical help immediately. If you were struck in the head, get checked out by a neurologist and seek treatment from a neurosurgeon, like those at Premier Brain & Spine. Call today for a consultation.

Why Are Brain Conditions So Serious?

Your brain controls every one of your body’s functions, including your motor skills, vision, comprehension, memory, emotions, touch and breathing. The complex organ also maintains your body temperature, hunger urges, feelings of thirst and all other processes that regulate your body. Through the complex system of nerves that is your central nervous system, your brain sends and receives signals from every part of your body.

If you have a brain condition, though, you experience physical and mental problems that require specialized treatment by a top board certified neurosurgeon. If you or a loved one need treatment for a brain disorder in New Jersey or New York, visit Premier Brain & Spine. The specialists at this medical center have extensive experience treating brain disorders using the most advanced treatment methods.

Any abnormal brain condition is potentially life-changing. If you suspect a brain injury or are having cognitive issues, seek medical attention right away. Some of the most common brain conditions include:

  • Epilepsy

    Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects your central nervous system, causing recurrent seizures and other symptoms.

  • Brain tumors

    Brain tumors are abnormal growths of cells that affect normal brain function. The tumors may be either non-cancerous or cancerous.

  • Traumatic brain injury

    This is an injury that affects your brain function, which is why you need to be checked by a neurosurgeon after an accident.

  • Aneurysm.

    A brain aneurysm is what it’s called when a blood vessel in your brain bulges or balloons. The exact cause of this vascular anomaly is unknown still.

  • Brain hemorrhage

    A medical emergency, a broken blood vessel in your head threatens your brain’s essential supply of blood and oxygen.

  • Stroke

    which are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States

To get the best care, including an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, contact the neurosurgeons at Premier Brain & Spine. With nine offices in NJ and another in Goshen, NY, there’s a neurosurgery and spine care center near you.