Disorders that affect the brain can lead to some pretty scary symptoms, varying from seizures to losing consciousness. Whether you’ve already received emergency intervention at a hospital or are just in the early stages of unexplained symptoms, the top neurosurgeons at Premier Brain & Spine offer a range of services to diagnose and treat you and your family members. Call their nearest location today in New Jersey at Hackensack, Paterson, Edison, Union, Rutherford, Freehold, Bayonne, West Orange, or West Caldwell — or in New York at Goshen — for an evaluation.


The brain is the most complex organ in your body. Weighing in at an average of three pounds, it’s responsible for controlling your:

  • Body’s temperature
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Vision
  • Movements
  • Breathing
  • Other body-regulating processes

Your brain is connected to the rest of your body through the spinal cord and your central nervous system. Your spinal cord carries messages to and from your brain to the rest of your body. When it comes to diseases and conditions that affect your brain, you need the best doctors to diagnose and treat them. In New Jersey and New York, you can count on the top neurosurgeons at Premier Brain & Spine.

The conditions that affect your brain have cascading consequences that in turn often produce devastating symptoms in the rest of your body. At the NJ spine and neuro center, experts in brain and spinal functions treat people with brain disorders such as:

  • Epilepsy, a disorder of the nervous system that causes seizures
  • Brain tumors, growths that are either cancerous or benign, both of which can lead to complications
  • Traumatic brain injury, commonly referred to as a TBI, this usually is the result of a sudden trauma to your head, often leading to permanent damages
  • A brain aneurysm, which is a bulge in a weakened blood vessel in your brain
  • A brain hemorrhage, also call a brain bleed, is a potentially life-threatening condition best treated by a seasoned neurosurgeon
  • Strokes, which are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States

While you may first receive treatment through a hospital emergency room, follow-up care and continued treatment are best carried out by experts in brain and spine treatment and recovery. Doctors at your New Jersey ambulatory surgery center have the most up-to-date diagnostic and surgical equipment to successfully implement the most effective treatment for a speedy recovery.

Physicians at your neurosurgery and spine centers have extensive experience in providing the most effective treatments for brain disorders that respond well to common practices, such as:

  • Craniotomy, a procedure used to allow access to your brain matter for treatment
  • Skull base surgerycommonly used to remove growths and tumors
  • Endovascular surgery, a procedure often used to stop an aneurysm from rupturing
  • Brain mapping, an advanced diagnostic tool employed by specialists at your NJ neurosurgery and spine center
  • Laser ablation, sometimes appropriate to treat epilepsy when medications don’t work

When you or a family member need the best surgical specialist around, contact the top neurosurgeons at Premier Brain & Spine for a consultation.