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Vertebroplasty Surgery Procedure

    What Is Vertebroplasty Spinal Surgery?

    Vertebroplasty refers to an outpatient spinal surgery to treat compression fractures. A top spinal doctor injects a specially-formulated bone cement into a fractured vertebra to strengthen and stabilize it. The procedure limits painful movements of your spine and promotes healing. This is a minimally-invasive spinal surgery done through a small skin puncture as opposed to an open incision.

    Your spine’s vertebrae bear your weight, allow movement and protect your spinal cord. If a vertebral bone weakens or cracks, you experience extreme pain and other symptoms. Any back pain limits your range of motion, causing difficulties when you try to move. The symptoms associated with compression fractures also affect your posture.

    The best spine doctor for vertebroplasty is at Premier Brain & Spine in New York and New Jersey. With ten locations — including Hackensack, Paterson, Edison, Union, Rutherford, Freehold, Bayonne, West Orange, and West Caldwell, NJ and Goshen, NY — there’s an office near you. The spine specialists use advanced spinal procedures to treat a broad range of conditions, such as:

    Is Vertebroplasty Right for Me?

    Vertebroplasty is an advanced treatment to restore spinal function and alleviate severe symptoms. Any changes in your spine can cause debilitating symptoms.

    If a vertebra collapses because of a compression fracture, you may experience symptoms that include:

    • The sudden onset of shooting back pain
    • Slowly intensifying back pain
    • A stooped-over or hunched-over posture known as kyphosis
    • The prospect of disability if the compression fracture remains untreated
    • Worsening pain while standing or walking
    • Decreasing pain intensity when you lie on your back
    • Reduced back mobility
    • Height loss with a vertebral collapse
    • Numbness, tingling or weakened muscles in your arms and legs
    • Loss of bowels or bladder control because of nerve damage

    If you have a compression fracture, a spinal bone may collapse, leading to nerve irritation and limitation in other parts of your body. After a diagnosis at a top spine pain center in NJ or NY, your spinal doctor determines if vertebroplasty is the best treatment for you.

    When Can Vertebroplasty Help?

    Because of the severe symptoms that come with compression fractures, seek a top spine specialist for an accurate diagnosis. Once a spinal fracture is identified, your doctor may recommend vertebroplasty for various reasons, including:

    • Conservative methods of treatment haven’t worked.
    • You suffer chronic back pain.
    • You suffer spinal immobility.
    • Your compression fracture causes serious complications, such as kyphosis, deep vein thrombosis or complications of osteoporosis.

    Advances in spinal treatment technology allow the doctors at Premier Brain & Spine to successfully perform the most complex spinal procedures. These state-of-the-art spine centers feature advanced equipment for effective treatments.

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    Logan Galbraith

    What Does a Vertebroplasty Procedure Entail?

    If you’ve experienced sharp back pains or other symptoms of vertebral compression, vertebroplasty is a possible treatment option.

    The steps in the procedure include:

    1. Diagnosis. During your consultation, your spine physician reviews your medical history and conducts a physical exam. Advanced diagnostic tests determine the location and state of the fracture. Then, your spinal doctor creates an individualized treatment plan.
    2. Preparation. Before treatment, your doctor addresses the procedure and recovery expectations. The surgeon advises you to stop taking certain blood-thinning medications and quit smoking.
    3. Vertebroplasty procedure. You’re given sedation medication or general anesthesia to avoid any pain. The spinal surgeon uses contrast-enhanced fluoroscopy to guide a bone biopsy needle through a small puncture in your skin to reach the fractured vertebrae. The doctor injects the cement into the fracture to stabilize it and stop the compression.
    4. Recovery. After surgery, your doctor monitors you for an hour or two. Depending on the location of the procedure, you may need to wear a brace temporarily for support. The doctor gives you post-surgery care instructions and schedules a follow-up appointment.

    If you suffer from persistent back pain, consult your doctor and get a diagnosis. For a vertebral compression fracture, a vertebroplasty procedure is an effective treatment to relieve pain and restore your spinal function.

    What Can I Expect after a Vertebroplasty Procedure?

    A vertebroplasty procedure is an advanced treatment for compressed spinal fractures.

    After your surgery, you can expect:

    • Improved mobility
    • Restoration of your height
    • Improved posture
    • Improvement in the level of back pain

    Call us at (866) 590-0601 for additional details about the vertebroplasty procedure or to arrange a face-to-face appointment with an expert surgeon. You may also stop by our neurosurgery center to learn why so many of our patients rate us as the top doctors in New York and New Jersey for successfully treating vertebral body compression fractures with minimally invasive surgery.

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