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What’s the Importance of Spine Procedures?

Spine Procedures

Back pain is the second most common cause of disability. If you struggle with chronic back pain, your doctor may opt for a spinal procedure. Surgery is an alternative to conservative treatment for spinal conditions. The best spinal surgeons perform these advanced surgical procedures to restore your spine functions and ease severe back pain.

Spinal doctors use the latest equipment for diagnosis. If other procedures fail, spinal surgery becomes a treatment option. At Premier Brain & Spine in New York and New Jersey, experienced board certified spinal surgeons have the skills to diagnose and treat a broad range of spine abnormalities.

What Are Some Common Spinal Procedures?

Spinal surgeons treat specific spinal conditions with common, targeted procedures, such as:

Additionally, spinal fusion allows your spinal surgeon to join two or more vertebrae to treat a range of spinal problems. In this procedure, your spinal doctor first replaces a damaged disc with a bone graft to encourage two bones to grow together over time.

What Are the Complex Surgical Procedures?

Spine Procedures

Other spinal surgeries combine separate steps into one procedure. Some spinal surgeries are named for the approach used — lateral, anterior or posterior — or the spine section targeted — cervical, lumbar or thoracic, such as:

If you experience shooting pain in your upper, middle or lower back, get an early diagnosis for the best treatment outcomes. Contact the spine specialists at one of the ten NJ or NY spine centers for the best care and effective spine procedures.

Updated on Jul 27, 2022 by Dr. David Wells-Roth (Neurosurgeon) of Premier Brain & Spine

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